About GIQ


Viale Andrea Doria, 5
20124 Milano, Italy
IVA e Fiscal Code 09125440967
Call: +39 02 30314498

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About GIQ

The company GIQ PETROLI SRL, performs distribution activities of refined petroleum products on the Italian territory as subsidiary of SEASIF HOLDING LTD by 95% and of GIQ AG by 5%.

The company holds the Trader License with identification code n.000000P3UQ09125440967 issued by Milan Customs Agency 1, through which it is authorized to unload its own product in coastal storages (SAC), a condition that has allowed GIQ PETROLI to negotiate storage transits with Alkion Terminal in Vado Ligure (SV) and with Terminal Decal in Marghera (VE).

Established in 2015, it begins its partnership with AUCHAN SPA and plans and implements successfully the collaboration with A.L.I.S. - Sustainable Intermodal Logistics Association - whose presidency is in the person of Dr. Guido Grimaldi of the GRIMALDI GROUP, which has about 1200 companies operating in the field of freight industry, many of which are included in the clientele portfolio of GIQ PETROLI, for fuels products supply.

In addition, there have been set up collaborations with the main players in the national and international fuels market, likewise GIQ Petroli s.r.l cooperates with leading companies in the transportation and logistics sectors for the distribution of refined products.