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For any transaction with a company that is considered as a potential partner or customer of GIQ Petroli, we require the collection of the following information.

To speed up the registration and transaction process, please send the documents directly to our
Customer Center
Customer Evaluation Questionnaire DOWNLOAD FORM

GIQ Petroli Srl intends to know the characteristics of your company in order to evaluate the possibility of establishing commercial relationships with you. To this end, we ask you to complete this Questionnaire, in which we request the information useful to us, divided into:

-> General Data - Financial Data - Economic / Commercial Data

We ask you to provide all possible information, even those not strictly related to your business and omitting only those that are not fully applicable, as the candidate companies will be evaluated also based on the general level of their business organization.

The Questionnaire is an integral part of our Customer Qualification Procedure and represents the first level of selection. Based on the information collected through the questionnaire and its attachments, it will be established if the Customer in question is eligible for access to deliveries. Consequently, the submission of incomplete questionnaires, filled out in an approximate way or without the required attachments, can cause the potential Customer to be excluded from the following phases.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 ("Code regarding the protection of personal data") we inform you that the data we collect on your company will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, under the direct responsibility of the legal representative of our Company and that will not be disclosed in any way. In this regard we ask you to sign the consent in the Appendix.

Please return the Questionnaire, completed in all the parts related to your business and accompanied by the required documentation to the address of our registered office in Viale Andrea Doria, 5 - 20124 Milan, anticipating an electronic copy by e-mail to the address