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Which is the product quality ?
The products distributed by GIQ comply with the international regulations in force, their quality is guaranteed by the fiscal deposit; for commercial storage product the products have certification and traceability of its origin. You can find in the “Products” page the technical sheets of both winter and summer specifications of the products distributed from October to May and from May to October.
Can I pick up the product from the warehouse?
The product is always sold Free Ex warehouse.
Can the product be delivered at the Filling Station?
In this case the freight cost will be highlighted inside the invoice and added to the product costs.
If I pay the product in advance how am I guaranteed?
Advance payment by bank BIR is required for a new business relationship. Once payment is made, the customer receives Load Invoice and Written confirmation issued by the Fiscal deposit or a schedule presentation at the office storage traffic.
Are the volumes decreased recognized?
Volumes decrease are recognized in the case of direct delivery from the warehouse to the customer.
How can I locate the nearest loading base?
You can find in the “Tanker Storages” page of the website, the map with the location of all the fiscal and commercial storagges.
Is it possible the loading on Saturday morning?
The fiscal storrages do not include loads on Saturday morning. GIQ through its commercial storagges offer its customers the possibility of load on Saturday mornings.
Is there a call center for assistance?
Yes, the customer call center tel. is: +41 (0)91 910 07 90